How much energy can I recover recycling air?


How much energy can I recover recycling air? From 30 to 45% of energy consumed.

Because, 40 to 50% of the total energy consumed is the energy contained in the dry air and in the humidity, and actually we are able to ventilate the rooms with an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) recovering the total energy (enthalpy =  sensible energy + latent energy contained in humidity) with an efficiency ranging from 80 to 90%.

In winter we can also recover the large amount of energy contained in moisture (latent energy) that is generated in excess during a shower or while we cook, and no longer open the window during a long time.

Calculations on the amount of energy recovered “recycling” the air can be performed simply with simulators, some of which are free applications (will be discussed shortly in a future post).


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